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/ Gelish - LED Lamps, Drills & Accessories (9)


Gelish - LED Lamps, Drills & Accessories

Gelish - LED Lamps, Drills & AccessoriesThe Gold Standard of LED, Gelish is known for LED innovation and have changed the game again. The LED 18G Plus Light features patented Safelight™ Technology with an eyeShield™ to reduce light exposure, plus new Comfort Cure™ technology. The Comfort Cure™ setting builds LED power over a 60-second period which helps to mitigate heat spikes, making it ideal for sensitive clients and makes services more comfortable for all.

With improved, high efficiency 100% LED bulbs, it saves power and increases longevity, curing traditional gels 4x faster than UV lights. It also features a 60-second setting for reliable comfort cure.