Gelish 18G Plus LED Lamp Comfort Cure *Special Offer €250

Product Code: 01379

Just when you thought the LED 18G PLUS light couldn’t get better, Gelish® added a Comfort CureTM feature. Comfort Cure builds LED power over a 60-second

period which helps mitigate heat spikes for sensitive clients. The new LED 18G PLUS with Comfort Cure cures traditional gels 4x faster than UV lights and with Comfort Cure, reduces heat spikes making services more comfortable for all!

Other new features of the LED 18G PLUS light are a 60-second setting and improved high efficiency bulbs. The 60-second setting optimizes the new light for flawless curing with PolyGEL® white applications, while the new bulbs save power and increase reliability for an improved LED experience.

New Gelish LED 18G PLUS, the Gold Standard of LED lights features:

  • NEW Comfort Cure feature

  • Patented Safelight Technology with an eyeShieldTM to reduce light exposure

  • Large, shatter resistant digital touch screen display

  • Countdown feature

  • Manual on/off feature

  • Illuminated comfort pad

  • Scratch and acetone resistant

  • Removable magnetic tray for effortless sanitizing and easy pedicure services

  • Five finger curing and pedicure friendly

  • Meets standard safety compliances world-wide

€250.00 (€307.50 inc VAT)

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  • Instructions for use

    It is a requirement of the WEEE regulations to display the applicable Environmental Management Cost (EMC) on the price notice relating to each specific item of EEE, including the following wording. Included in this price is a contribution to recycling costs of 5cent per LED Lamp.