Gelish Gel Polish 18G Unplugged LED Lamp with Comfort Cure

Product Code: 1168014

Designed to outperform the rest, UNPLUGGED is the first LG® lithium battery powered LED light. The 18G UNPLUGGED is engineered using Gelish’s exclusive Intelligent Power AssistTM, an advanced circuitry system that ensures power levels stay consistent when the light is used in battery mode.

From the moment the 18G UNPLUGGED Professional Mobile LED Light is used in battery mode, power is managed and is monitored with real-time power level updates.

Known for LED innovation, Gelish® has changed the game again. The 18G UNPLUGGED enhances the existing LED 18G Plus with Comfort CureTM by allowing you to take your skills on the road.

  • INTELLIGENT POWER ASSISTTM for consistent, high-performance battery-powered curing

  • LG® Lithium Battery included

  • Displays real-time battery level, power level and LED countdown

  • Backlit Gelish® logo visualizes battery power level eliminating guesswork

  • Built-in handle for convenient mobility

  • Ideal 5, 30, and 60-second settings plus on/off button

  • 60-second setting mitigates heat spikes with exclusive Gelish® Comfort Cure technology

€449.00 (€552.27 inc VAT)

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  • Instructions for use

    It is a requirement of the WEEE regulations to display the applicable Environmental Management Cost (EMC) on the price notice relating to each specific item of EEE, including the following wording. Included in this price is a contribution to recycling costs of 5cent per LED Lamp.