Gelish Gel Polish Hybrid Electric File

Product Code: 1168009

Look no further for your new favorite e-file. The NEW Gelish Go-File Hybrid Electric File is specially designed with the needs of the nail technician in mind. The Go-File is a Hybrid Electric File designed by master technicians to deliver high performance in any salon condition without compromise. Our exclusive Power Dock takes the Go-File from awesome to amazing with the mobility of a portable file and the power of a desktop unit. Lightweight in design with a slim hand piece and portable control box, the Go-File allows for the freedom of all-day use for nail technicians on-the-go and in the salon.

The Go-File has an RPM of 35,000 and is perfect for backfills and shaping the underside of the c-curve. It is designed with True TorqueTM which ensures that the Go-File stays strong all day and will not get bogged down while filing through products like acrylic and hard gel. The Go-File is also perfect for everything from nail prep to smoothing and shaping, making services faster and easier.

“When developing the Go-File I wanted to make sure the needs of the nail technician were met,” saysDanny Haile CEO and Founder of Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish. “The Go-File is the electric file for technicians who require mobility but don’t want to compromise when it comes to quality. With ourunique Power Dock, we can ensure that the Go-File maintains the power of a desktop drill while also providing the tech with the ability to move around with ease.”

€399.00 (€490.77 inc VAT)

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  • Additional Info

    The Gelish Go-File was designed with these great features:

    • The Power of 35,000 RPM

    • Strong all day long with True TorqueTM

    • Mobile convenience with 8-10 hours of battery life

    • Desktop power so unique it’s patent-pending

    • Sleek design and space saving Power Dock

    • Certified use for all Gelish® enhancements including PolyGEL®

    • Smooth, Quiet, Vibration-Free Hand Piece

    • Acetone-Resistant Control Box and Power Dock

    • Compact and Light Weight

    • Variable speed control with Forward/Reverse switch

    • Illuminated Power Indicator

    • Auto Off protects against overload

    • USB plug-in for cellphone charging