Nail Harmony Secure Brush On Adhesive

Product Code: 01183

MEDICAL GRADE cyanoacrylate adhesive for superior purity and workability.

FAST SET - Will adhere tips in 10 seconds!

BRUSH ON application for precision and minimal wastage.

VERSATILE - Can be used as part of a wrap system or used to apply embellishments to the surface of enhancements.

Available in 15 ml/0.5 oz size


Prepare your nail as usual and cleanse the nail plate. Apply a small amount of Secure Nail Adhesive along the smile line area on the underside of the tip. Rock the tip onto the natural nail and press and hold for 10 seconds to allow the tip to adhere. Trim to the desired length and shape, remove the shine from the surface of the tip with a 180 file and blend if desired. Remove the dust, apply pH Bond to the natural nail only, and continue with your chosen overlay.

€9.50 (€11.69 inc VAT)

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