Nail Harmony GHG Photo Finish Top Sealer Gel 8oz / 15ml

Gel Sealer

Product Code: 01575 / 01574

Use Gelish® Hard Gel PhotoFinish to build and create a beautiful, flawless shine on any Gelish® Hard Gel application. Use PhotoFinish as an overlay on top of the natural nail or as a finishing sealer. Superior shine that leaves your nails photo-ready, every time!

• Approx. 40-50 Applications per 15ml Bottle

• Nail Harmony LED Lamp - 30 Second Cure

• 36 Watt UV Lamp - 2 Minute Cure


Apply after Gelish® Hard Gel Clear Builder or Clear Gel to seal application. Cure in LED Light for 30 seconds or 2 minutes in UV Light. Cleanse the tacky surface of the nail with Gelish® Nail Surface Cleanse and a lint-free Nail Wipe.


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