• Oops, My Bad! – Shattered Glass Glitter Overlay Oops, My Bad! – Shattered Glass Glitter Overlay
  • Oops, My Bad! – Shattered Glass Glitter Overlay Oops, My Bad! – Shattered Glass Glitter Overlay
  • Clueless 6 Piece Collection Clueless 6 Piece Collection

Clueless Oops, My Bad! – Shattered Glass Glitter Overlay

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We promise you’re not buggin’! The Clueless Summer 2022 collection in partnership with Paramount Pictures is coming soon from Gelish and Morgan Taylor! The Clueless collection features a range of twelve dynamic shades inspired by the iconic film. These shades are a fun, vibrant throwback that promise to bring back all the nostalgia of the 90s.

Color lovers are going to have so much to choose from with the Clueless collection color range. To showcase the 90s era that the film is known for, we created two glitter overlay shades that encompass the over-the-top, exciting fashion from this time. The shades Oops, My Bad, a shattered glass glitter overlay, and Two Snaps For You, the lightest Pink with Party Glitter, are perfect to be worn on their own or over any of the colors in the collection to create the perfect 90s manicure! Other standout shades from the collection are the mustard yellow crème, Ugh, As If, the hot pink crème, She’s A Classic, and the sage green crème, So Check It.“We are very excited to be collaborating with Paramount Pictures for the Clueless collection,” says Danny Haile, CEO and Founder of Gelish Soak-Off Polish. “The movie is such a classic fan favorite that we knew this color range really had to be outstanding. It was such a fun range of colors to put together and we hope everyone loves the shades as much as we do!”

This collection includes twelve absolutely fabulous NEW shades which are all available in either collections or open stock.

The 6 Piece Gelish Collection includes :

• Ugh, As If – Mustard Yellow Crème

• Adorably Clueless – Princess Pink Crème

• Driving In Platforms – Poppy Coral Crème

• Powers Of Persuasion – Violet Crème

• Total Betty – Sky Blue Crème

• She’s A Classic – Hot Pink Crème

Other Clueless Colours available are :

• I Totally Paused – Red Punch Crème

• Let’s Do A Makeover – Marigold Crème

• Two Snaps For You – Lightest Pink With Party Glitter

• Highly Selective – Light Pink Metallic

• Oops, My Bad! – Shattered Glass Glitter Overlay

• So Check It – Sage Green Crème

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