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Lash EXtend BLX FastSet Satchets No3-Nourishing - New Timings 1 min

BLX Fast Set Sachets No.3

Product Code: L7895

Step 1

Thoroughly clean the eyebrows beforehand with the Henna Couture Tea Tree Cleanser.

Step 2

BLX Glue (optional): Only with very thick and stiff eyebrowhairs you can choose to apply the BLX Glue to the eyebrows. This temporarily sets the eyebrow hairs in shape and givesextra "hold" for stiff hair.

You use BLX Glue in combination with a clean mascara brush and set the eyebrow hairs in the desired, lifted direction.

Step 3, lotion 1

Apply Lotion 1 using clean soft tip applicators all over the eyebrow hairs. Note that the lotion must be clearly visible (nottoo "glassy"). Then place plastic film over the eyebrows sothat the product can develop even better.

Application times lotion 1

Thin / fine eyebrow hairs: 2 minutesNormal eyebrow hairs: 3 minutesThick / coarse eyebrow hairs: 4 minutes

After Lotion 1 has been completely incorporated, remove itwith dry cotton pads.

Step 4, lotion 2

Lotion 2 is applied in the same way as Lotion 1. You takeclean soft tip applicators again and you cover the entireeyebrow hairs. Then place clean, plastic foil over the eyebrows.

Application times lotion 2

-Thin / fine eyebrow hairs: 1 minute

-Normal eyebrow hairs: 2 minutes

-Thick / coarse eyebrow hairs: 2 minutes

When Lotion 2 is fully incorporated, remove with clean, dry cotton pads.

Step 5, lotion 3

After you have lifted the eyebrows, you can start applyingLotion 3 to the eyebrows. Get a clean one

mascara brush and cover with Lotion 3, then comb Lotion 3 in an upward motion on the eyebrows.

Step 6

We always recommend that you always shape the eyebrowsbeautifully. This can be done by waxing, epilation (threading

or tweezers) and cut.

Step 7

We also recommend painting the eyebrows for the best possible end result. This can be done with regular paint. If you

If you want to use henna paint, you can only do this 24 hoursafter the treatment. The paint should be tight at the bottom of the eyebrows

to be applied. You can use two techniques for this:

•-The "Full Brow technique": the entire eyebrow is highlighted.

•-The "Fade Technique": You tighten the paint on the underside of the brow, then "sweep" the paint graduallyupwards

so that a nice, soft transition is created.

Application times for paint

Black eyebrow hairs: 3 minutes

Brown eyebrow hairs: 4 minutes

Blonde eyebrow hairs: 5 minutes

You remove the paint with clean, dry cotton pads.

Step 8

After dyeing you can apply Lotion 3 one more time to removethe last paint residues and as a finishing touch to the

combing eyebrows into shape again.

Tips and aftercare

Keep a close eye on the liquids at all times. The frizz of the eyebrow hairs is faster than that of an eyelash lift

therapy. Even if eyebrow hairs come loose during the treatment, it is possible to stick them again

with BLX Glue. For aftercare applies: The eyebrows shouldnot get wet or damp during the first 24 hours after treatment

also avoid heat in the first 24 hours. For the longest lastingresults oil-free cosmetics are recommended, we recommendalways the Lash eXtend Foam Cleanser in combination withBLX Lotion 3 as aftercare products.

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