Bare Luxury Manicure & Pedicure 24 Piece Display

4 packets of each scent

Product Code: 51335

BareLuxury™, from Morgan Taylor, is a personalized 4-stepsystem that offers dramatic results served up in convenient, sanitary packettes. Four extraordinaryaromas with custom formulas are tailored to help create mood altering experiences. BareLuxury™service rituals cleanse, detox, refine, and leave feet and hands glowing.

With four mood enhancing experiences: Detox, Energy, Renew, and Calm; nail technicians can offerthe right service for each client’s emotional needs. Each experience contains a unique 4-stepapproach for a fast yet lavish pedicure or manicure. Measured dosing guarantees the right amountof product is used and self-contained 4-packs help control inventory and bring cleanliness andprofitability to a new level!The 4-step system includes the following:• Step 1: Purifying Soak – Powerful mineral infusion formulated to cleanse and purify. Itreduces inflammation while revving circulation to draw dulling toxins to the surface.• Step 2: Detoxifying Masque – Traditional services place scrub before masque, and yet, theideal time to remove toxins is after soaking. The formula’s absorbent clays capture skinimpurities, while letting the technician detail nails for zero downtime.• Step 3: Buffing Scrub – Apply scrub over the masque and massage to save time and mess,think no extra towels or cleanup, while creating a luxurious exfoliation that leaves feet andhands soft and receptive to deep hydration. Each scrub is customized, based on the desiredexperience, with an ultra-light blend of nourishing oils and either salt, sugar or a combinationof both.• Step 4: Massage Butter – Glide your client into relaxation with ultra-protective, luxuriousShea Butter, nourishing oils and plant extracts that leave skin feeling renewed!

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