• Crunchy Leaves - Glittered Acrylic Powder 28g Crunchy Leaves - Glittered Acrylic Powder 28g

Glitterbels Crunchy Leaves - Glittered Acrylic Powder 28g

Glitterbels Glittered Acrylic Powder

Product Code: GB457

Professional Acrylic Nail Powder

The Glitterbels brand prides itself on having a huge collection of products for our customers to choose from. A selection of over 400+ highly pigmented colours and sparkling glitters for each day of the week. Glitterbels offer two different types of Acrylic Powders for the professional nail technician to create a plethora of different designs and nail art. The Glitterbels Coloured Acrylic Nail Powder is a range of perfectly pigmented powders formulated to keep their colour and quality. When creating this product we kept the nail technician in mind and opted for an easy-to-apply application. The Glitterbels Pre Mixed Glitter is a concoction of highly pigmented acrylic coloured powder and a selection of different glitters and flakes. Formulated with the perfect blend of glitter and acrylic powder, adding glitter designs to nails has never been easier. Whether you want a holographic look or a simple shimmer, Glitterbels has you covered.

Pre-Mixed Glitter Acrylic Nail Powder A fiesta of brilliant, shimmering pigmented glitter where the only limit is your imagination! Our Glitterbel acrylic powders are bursting with colour, smooth on application and easy to apply.

Glitterbels Coloured Acrylic 28gr €9.75 (€11.99 inc VAT)

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